Fluidity is a place for the ambitious entrepreneur who is looking for that transformational, resource full, deeply connected, trusted inner circle.  

Business is fluid, like the ocean, it's always moving. There are times that it's gently active, and times that it leaves you overwhelmed and struggling to breathe. 

Fluidity Holistic Business Mastermind is all about giving you the insights, tools, strategies and ongoing support you need, in a creative "what's happening with you?" kind of way, so you can adapt and keep moving with the changes.

As a business mentor, it's difficult to see hard working business owners struggle. It should not be so hard. My proudest moments are when I see entrepreneurs become unstuck, make the right changes, and build a great business, and a great life.

As a business owner myself, I know how everything is better when your business is successful. Relationships. Lifestyle. Self worth. Everything.

When your business is doing well you move beyond existing. You can finally exhale. 

Here's what you can expect from Fluidity

  • A turn-to inner circle who have your back and cheer you on as you kick the goals along your success path.
  • Weekly live calls and hot seats designed to remove blocks & challenges so you can grow your business.
  • Monthly 1-1 sessions to clear the path to where you need to be to make an impact. 
  • 90 day planning sessions to map out how you can stay fluid and in flow.
  • Access to all Push! Business Training Programs for those backend systems and procedures you need.
  • A wonderful opportunity to dig deep, know your purpose and legacy, and become what you're capable of.

 It’s time to step into your purpose and legacy.  Find your state of flow. 

Keep moving.  Gain momentum.  Maintain fluidity. 


When entrepreneurs come together, magic happens.

Hi, I’m Alison Vidotto, MBA, CEO, business strategist, and author  based in Brisbane, Australia.

I work with ambitious entrepreneurs around the globe, in all kinds of industries.

I've been in business for 29 years. From building a healthy 7 figure business, to almost closing the doors, and back again. I've worked with 1 staff member and more than 25 staff members. What I have learned is that the same fundamentals are important, no matter the size of your business.

I’ve also learned that a strong community is everything. I attend my masterminds in the USA. I do all nighter's regularly to connect with the people who lift me up. 

Isolation is the killer of dreams. No entrepreneur should go it alone.

If you're looking for a mentor and team to lift you up. You're in the right place.

Let me ask you...  Are you surrounded by the right people?

 Are You ready for an Amazing Year?


 Fluidity Holistic Business Mastermind

Applications are now open for entrepreneurs ready to create a strong, successful and sustainable business in 2022